#BuffaloShooting response

At approximately 2:30 pm (ET) in Buffalo, New York, an 18-year-old radicalized White Supremist male went into Tops Supermarket at 1275 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, NY 14208, and shot 13 people, killing 10, with the intent of killing as many black people as he could, using his modified AR-15. The young male, dressed in tactical gear, streamed it live on his twitch account via a camera attached to his helmet. The stream has since been taken down, but not before several people viewed it and/or downloaded or recorded it. He has been taken into custody, arrested and in the judicial system pending charges and an investigation.

This past weekend I did a couple podcasts on different platforms. Both in response to the Buffalo Shooting that occurred at a Tops Grocery Store in a predominantly black neighborhood on the city’s eastside at 1275 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, NY 14208.

The first podcast streamed Sunday afternoon May 15, 2022, on my ‘FUDGE.NYFacebook account, as well as, the ‘BuffaloShoutOutYouTube channel and twitter account. This was more focused on my response to the #BuffaloShooting incident that occurred on Saturday May 14, 2022. Later that night I was a guest on my friend and Buffalo native Zaydok’s podcast that he does weekly. Discussing similar thoughts expressed on my response, plus feedback as to what he stated on his show.

The second podcast I streamed Monday morning May 16, 2022, on my normal ‘ShawnPGreene‘ platforms on the YouTube channel, Twitch channel, and Twitter page. This episode I dove deeper into a major issue with the imbalanced resources available in black vs white majority neighborhoods. An issue that has been broadcast in local media all weekend concerning the “food desert” in this neighborhood, referring to the lack for affordable grocery stores in the area.

Here’s my initial response podcast Sunday May 15, 2022 at 3:30 pm:

Here’s my guest spot on Zaydok’s livestream, May 15, 2022 around 10 pm:

Here’s the weekly recap stream from May 16, 2022:


My friend had a hard time getting through this performance at a local Buffalo event.



Constant Battle releases “We Fight Daily”

On June 26, 2020, Buffalo artist Constant Battle releases his latest project called We Fight Daily. The 7-track album features other artists from around the North East US, like, Serious Voice, MAiNE, Church Boy, and Frankie Bells. Two singles, Young Buck and Brand New Day, have been released on Apple Music (formerly itunes). Constant Battle is currently working on music videos for the project.

A #FacebookLive Listening Party and interview is set for Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 7:30 PM (EST). FUDGE and Constant Battle reunite for a sneak peak at the new project and the process to get it done. You can also catch the Listening Party on YouTube, shortly after the broadcast.

The Shout Out: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |

#FacebookLive link: https://www.facebook.com/BuffaloShoutOut/videos/4067192263350943/

Check out the Typography Video from his top hit “On Our Job”:

Constant Battle on Instagram:

Buffalo’s Singing Cops Release New Song #BuffaloBadBoys

Viral Singing Cops release new song

Kiss the Summer Hello

Buffalo Police Officers Moe Badger and Micheal Norwood, who were recently featured on the Ellen (DeGeneres) Show, took the stage at Kiss the Summer Hello to perform ‘Different‘, their first solo song. Their initial exposure to the world came after they were recorded on social media singing “My Girl” while on duty. The new R&B track has an uplifting message that the officers hope will resonate with the community.

“It’s just talking about how we’ve been taught that the sky is the limit, but we’re saying the sky is the minimum.¬†You can beat the stereotypical inner city life or whatever it may be.¬†You¬†can overcome it,¬†you can be a winner,”¬†said Badger.

Buffalo police officers sing

The song is available for purchase on iTunes, to stream on Apple Music and TIDAL

WIVB reports: Singing Cops debut new single: https://www.wivb.com/news/local-news/singing-cops-debut-new-single/2089610201

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Buffalo, New York Police Officers Michael Norwood and Moe Badger, who went viral after videos of them singing around their Buffalo community were posted online. The two chatted with Ellen about how they came to be known as the “Buffalo Bad Boys,” and their non-profit program connecting with kids in the community through sports. #TheEllenShow #BuffaloBadBoys #Ellen

Ellen Meets Viral Singing Cops Michael & Moe

Follow Moe Badger on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moebadger

Follow Micheal Norwood on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michaeltakeflight.norwood

Buffalo’s Bad Boys, The Singing Cops Talk with Yasmin Young on 93.7 WBLK

Buffalo’s “Singing Cops” take message nationwide

Viral Video: Buffalo Police officers singing on their lunch break

How 2 cops are using their singing to unite a community





5th Fridays at the Bread Returns! #5thFridays @bolbuffalo

Everyone is invited!!

Bread of Life Church is hosting the 5th Fridays: Summer Jam ’18 with live hip hop music and a screening of the hit movie God’s Not Dead. Event is Friday August 31, 2018 from 6 pm to 9 pm in the church parking lot across the church at 1638 South Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14220.

See you there!

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1843947962361820/

Jahaziel renounced Christianity, called out @Jahazielmusic @Lavoisier_GTHU @TheGodhopMC


UK Rapper¬†Jahaziel renounced Christianity recently and released a track called “Amen Ra” and was immediately given a response by New York Rapper Lavoisier and Buffalo rapper Zaydok on their periscope broadcasts.

Jahaziel Drops Verse Dissing Christianity, Lavoi$ier Invites Him To Debate [read the article on “GrowTheHeckUp.com“]


Buffalo Rapper Zaydok responded on his periscope broadcasts with a call to debate the controversial theories of religion.

“@Jahazielmusic You are always welcome in the Dojo.”

Zaydok the God Hop MC is a member of the music group REBEL AGAINST THE WORLD [download FREE mixtape]

Website NewH2O reported on Jahaziel’s response to these recent replies. [read the article here]

Statement made by Jahaziel on his facebook page, Dec  22, 2015:

I need not explain myself to anyone but I feel the need to make a quick statement. A short while ago I turned away from 20 years as a professing Christian. I had a good job with a church organization, a house provided by the church, a large social circle of likeminded people, a career in gospel music, a worldwide fan base, a respected reputation & status within Christian and non Christian circles… Etc
Having left Christianity I may have lost many/all of these things, but what I have is worth more than all of them combined. I have my integrity. When I first joined Christianity I was told ‘you must believe this book is God’s infallible word’… Before I’d even read the book!! How can one decide for themselves whether a book is accurate and true BEFORE they have even read & investigated the book thoroughly?! Anyway… Contrary to many opinions I have met some great people in church and learned some great principles from Christianity/the bible. These principles however are not exclusive to any religion. I have experienced christianity in literally 100’s of contexts so my perspective on Christianity is quite an informed one. I have met many sincere Christians, both church goers and church leaders, and although I have not seen every one of the 40,000 Christian denominations currently in existence I think I have seen enough to personally make a general conclusion regarding Christianity in the broadest sense. Now after 20 years of being vocal about the positives of Christian faith I would like to take some time to be equally vocal about the negatives I have found. i.e Christianity and its controlling dictatorship, its historic blood trail, its plagiarized bible stories characters and concepts, the many human errors of the bible and its contradictions, the brutal nature of its God, it’s involvement in the slave trade, the crusades, the inquisition, the witch hunts, it’s second class view of women, it’s masculinization of God, it’s emasculation of men, its financial corruption… You get the drift. So YES I will go on, and I will not be silent as some have asked – my integrity will not allow me to be so passive against mass corruption. In all love. J

Christian Rapper Under Fire For Dodging Question

Some fans for Christian Hip Hop music are feeling “Uncomfortable” after a recent live performance of a favorite Christian rapper. ¬†Reach Records Artist Andy Mineo, formerly known as C-Lite, is being scrutinized by some for his “softball” response to the question of what 116 means on his ball cap. The response was simply “It’s my team” as it was aired live on Fox 5 in New York City, Wednesday October 28, 2015.


[watch the full performance here: http://www.fox5ny.com/good-day/40167080-story]

Some Christian Hip Hop fans have since critisized Andy’s lack of boldly proclaiming a Gospel message that reflects his “1-1-Six” headgear during the performance on Fox 5, New York. One group, called BSAC radio show [short for Basically Sound Artist Coalition] had gone as far as to make a mock video on their YouTube channel to show how some may feel about the situation.

It seems that the major discussion on social media is the contradicting response to what “1-1-Six” means, a reference to Romans 1:16, which is the motto of the Reach Records label, to be “Unashamed” of the Gospel. Many are watching Andy and his label mates, such as founder Lecrae, and others such as Tedashii and KB, searching for a bold Gospel message in their music, interviews, and performances, yet some Christian fans are feeling that the 116 Clique is not living up to their “Unashamed” ideals.

Andy, originally from Syracuse, NY, now living in Washington Heights, has a long history of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, long before joining the Reach Records team. In the late 2000s, Andy worked under Nicky Cruz’s super group called TRUCE, a ministry team in New York City’s streets. He was also a part of the “God Belongs In My City” movement, of which a single and video was made, along with Christian Rock group, Doubledge. The song ‘In My City’ became an anthem for many Christians world-wide.


Andy, recently listed as one of the “Top 20 Christian Rappers of All-Time” is on the road touring in support of his latest album, ‘Uncomfortable.’

Watch the streaming visual for Andy Mineo’s latest track “Know That’s Right” off of his highly anticipated second studio album, “Uncomfortable.”

Purchase Uncomfortable today:

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/uncomfortable
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/uncomfortableamazon
Google Play: http://mineo.cta.gs/00v

Tell us what you think using #UNCOMFORTABLE

Documentary: Jesus Luvs Ravers #EDM @Jesusluvsravers @TiffanyFlock @GoshenSai

This powerful story displays the heart of God for the rave community. Goshen Sai and his wife Tiffany share how God called them to bring heaven to the rave scene. Goshen is doing his part bringing¬†the rave experience at the Atlanta Dream Center to encounter God in a club setting using Christian EDM with praise and worship music set to rhythmic dance beats and sounds. Check out the Trailer and 30-minute Documentary on how Goshen and Tiffany’s lives were changed to give God all the Glory.


FULL Video:

Want more information on Jesus Luvs Ravers
Contact them at : info@jesusluvsravers.com
Fb & Twitter: Jesusluvsravers

Goshen Sai, https://soundcloud.com/goshen-sai
DJJireh, https://soundcloud.com/heavenlytrance
Type 41, https://soundcloud.com/type41
Matthew J. Bentley
eXecutive Decision


7 Years and Counting!

It was 7 years ago in 2008 when several Christian deejays and radio announcers decided to support one-another in servicing music to the lesser known outlets for Christian Hip Hop. Ray GP, who produces the Donnie McClurkin Show in San Diego, CA, saw the need to support the Christian Hip Hop scene by making sure each deejay was up to date with the latest hits. With the help of Shawn Greene [FUDGE], William Newbill [DJ WILL], and Lawrence Stroman [DJ LACE], deejays from around the world were gathered together under one group to build friendships, discuss music and break records. This group not only had experienced deejays and Radio Announcers, it had promoters, graphic designers, program directors, music directors, and label reps.


A lot has been accomplished since the first email sent by Ray GP. Soon after the list got to big, FUDGE, started a yahoo group called Christian Rhythmic to help manage the information better. Later FUDGE started the first deejay conference call with J Blaze, DJ Pdogg, DJ Sean Blu, and Man-At-Arms, aka, Benny Calloway. DJ Will from Jacksonville started calling everyone to be on the next call to get some conversations started. In the beginning, the focus on the group was very loose, as the very first conference calls were more about how dissatisfied everyone was with how the Christian and Gospel markets treat DJs. Most wanted to know why servicing to non-commercial radio, such as internet radio or mixshows, was a problem. Record pools were the only source for the common man, but some DJs had good working relationships with labels and artists.


Eventually the complaints slowed down and the group¬†began to get organized. In the summer of 2008, the group of over 30 DJs agreed to the naming of the fellowship “The One Accord DJ Alliance” or OADA for short.¬†DJ Will, DJ Lace, and later Brother Edwin and DJ Eternal, took the lead on getting artists and DJs on the calls. FUDGE¬†administrated the database, social media, merchandise, and websites. Jodie Walton, aka, JBeatz, created the classic OADA logo with the red turntable.


As a couple months went on, the 200 plus DJs in the network were given their opportunities to prove they had power to influence the outcome of the music scene as music began servicing OADA with music from Richie Righteous, Flame, and Lecrae, just to name a few. All had different levels of success, in part because of a broader reach to the general public, with each DJ, Announcer, etc, receiving the latest music simultaneously, creating a bigger impact. Some may disagree, but it is possible, because the DJs got together and promoted Lecrae’s REBEL album all at once, OADA contributed to his success.


A year into our network of DJs working together to increase productivity, our first ever Christian DJ Conference was hosted in Queens, NY, in Sep 2009, with the help of DJ Lace and Dr D of Higher Ground Record Pool. The conference brought together every DJ possible from every market to promote the Gospel through the new Urban music coming from Christian artists. From that conference the tag line “We Are The Industry” was adapted as our motto, indicating our potential influence in the music industry as a whole. OADA has used other tag lines used since, like, “We Don’t Play Music, We Break Music” ¬†and “Respect The Power of The DJ”. Two more conferences in Chicago, IL in the summers of 2013 and 2014, with the themes #ShineOnDJ and #TheBridge set the pace for all in attendance. And because of social media, our network has gone global in over 13 countries in The Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe with over 1500 Christian/Gospel DJs.


Seven years, and we have just scratched the surface as to what OADA will become. Tragedy came a few times as one of our key brothers DJ Lace died suddenly, in April 2011 and brought many things to a standstill. A year later another of our brothers DJ Primo committed suicide. These events shook the Christian DJ network and brought many to think more seriously of what they are doing with their gifts and talents. Many deejays had overcome some very difficult times of their lives because of our network. Some have experience divorce, death of a loved one, or even sickness within themselves. Nevertheless, OADA has been a “home-base” for many Christian deejays to go to when needed. Just like DJ Wade-O says, “It’s More Than Music, It’s Ministry”.


Beaking News: PMM and SQ merge, Ready for a Strong 2015

Baton Rouge, LA, January 2, 2015 – Letrece Griffin, Founder of Power Move Management is pleased to announce a professional partnership with SeaQ Management for the artist representation of Jor’Dan Armstrong.
SeaQ Management is lead by Tareo “Focus” Johnson, who is mostly known for being Uncle Reece’s manager, but has a respectable line-up of talent with the official launch of his company.

Inline image 3

We are excited about the spiritual growth, opportunities, friendships, and career advancement that this partnership will bring to Jor’Dan Armstrong’s artistry and Power Move Management as a whole.
This partnership will allow us to better handle your requests for Jor’Dan Armstrong’s services, along with placing him on multiple platforms and in front of new audiences.
We look forward to a very exciting year and ask that you join us for the ride!
Stay connected with Power Move Management:
Stay connected with Jor’Dan Armstrong:
Stay connected with SeaQ Management:

Christian Hip Hop gets cold shoulder from Gospel Charts / Stellar Awards


Michael Peace launched a solo career as a Hip Hop artist in the 1980s from Queens, NY. He was the first solo Gospel Rapper to get a real record deal with distribution and promotion. He faced all the challenges you can imagine, from the Hip Hop community not fully recognizing his projects as one of theirs, to pastors flat out rebuking him for producing such trashy worldly music. The battle for the Gospel Rapper to get respect from both the church and the industry was longer than the war in Afghanistan.


Another wave of artists arose in the 1990s, like Cross Movement, Gospel Gangsters, T-Bone, and Pettidee, but commercial success was still out of reach. In the past 10 years, a new era has begun for those that have been labeled Christian Hip Hop artists. Philadelphia rapper Da TRUTH addresses the hot topic of CHH’s Identity Crisis on Rapzilla and discusses why Gospel gives CHH the cold shoulder on Wade O Radio. At one point, Da TRUTH was embraced by the Gospel Music scene, touring with Kirk Franklin, and even releasing a DVD in 2007 called¬†Da’ T.R.U.T.H. & Friends LIVE!, which included some Contemporary Gospel¬†Artists.


Further diversifying the fan-base, Reach Records artists performed at the 2011 GMWA Convention in Tampa. In 2012, Da TRUTH also got to rap on stage at the Stellar Awards together with singer Canton Jones and rapper Lecrae.

This month, the Stellars will have the General Public as the voting body for the second and final ballot which will result in four entries in each category and will determine the winners (The first round if voting is determined by SAGMA members). Year after year, out of all 28 categories, CHH artists are nominated in only one РRap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year, which in 2014 included: BIZZLE, THE GOOD FIGHT, GOD OVER MONEY RECORDS; DEREK MINOR, MINORVILLE, REACH RECORDS; LECRAE, GRAVITY, REACH RECORDS; THI’SL, FREE FROM THE TRAP, FULL RIDE MUSIC GROUP, LLC.

Lecrae won that category [ Stellar Awards ], but the odd thing is, just one year earlier, Gravity won Best Gospel Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards and Best Rap/Hip Hop Album at the 2013 Dove Awards, yet was not considered a top contender in any other Stellar Award category.


Stellar Nominees for Internet radio stations “C1 Radio” and “HOT3:16”, that include a variety of Christian Hip Hop songs on their playlists, where not included in the final balloting but were upstaged by Traditional and Contemporary Gospel stations [ Stellar Awards Radio Ballot ]. ¬†Hosted in January during MLK weekend, The Stellar Gospel Music Awards Show is a production of¬†¬†Central City Productions, founded by Executive¬†Producer Don Jackson & produced by Barbara Wilson. (Chicago-based Central City Productions is a distributor of original programming to television & cable networks).

Contrary to the sacred side of the music industry, CHH artists like Andy Mineo were featured in mainstream Hip Hop media outlets like BET’s 106 & Park, BET’s Cyphers, and SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning.



2 weeks ago, Billboard also announced that as of Dec 6, 2014 Christian Hip Hop artists were no longer going to be flagged for the Gospel Charts. Since the release of Lecrae‘s Anomaly album dropped in September 2014, it has topped the Gospel chart almost the entire time leading up to December 5, 2014. At #4 was Tripp Lee’s album Rise which also peaked at #1. [¬†Billboard Gospel Chart ]


In the early 2000s, Radio & Records charted Christian Hip Hop or Gospel Rap music under Christian Rock or Christian Rhythmic formats depending on how the Christian radio stations reported their playlists. Artists like Grits, Cross Movement, and KJ-52 consistently topped those charts.


In 2002, KJ-52 brought attention to the genre in the main stream when he released the track and video “Dear Slim” addressing rapper Emenem in his lyrics, and getting video rotations on VH-1 and MTV. It was the first of it’s kind to get over 100,000 copies sold by a solo Christian rapper.


Another success story that year was the rap duo GRITS with their song “Ohh Ahh”¬†which appeared on the MTV show My Super Sweet 16. It is also used as the theme song of The Buried Life and on the soundtracks to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Big Momma’s House 2.¬†In 2014, Gotee Records announced that the song was RIAA Digital Gold Certified, having surpassed 500,000 downloads.

On July 6, 2006, Billboard’s parent company VNU announced they will acquire R&R Magazine, adding them to their collection of music industry companies (Billboard Information Group, Nielsen BDS, and Nielsen SoundScan) [¬†Billboard Acquires R&R¬†]. Since the acquisition, the Christian Rhythmic format was dropped as a sub-genre all together, forcing stations to report the music under other categories. The only natural place for Gospel Rap (as some call it) was to be reported to the Gospel Charts. But something strange begins to happen. Reach Records begins to make big moves in marketing and in September¬†2008, Lecrae enters the Gospel Charts and peaks at #1 with his album Rebel,¬†#2 on Christian and #60 on Billboard 200. In 2010 Gravity repeats the pattern bringing more than just top sales, but as mentioned above, ¬†several top awards. Meanwhile, KJ-52 continues to represent CHH in the Christian Hit Music and Christian Rock markets, racking in nominations and awards at the GMAs.


Fast forward to 2014,¬†Lecrae¬†leads as the Top Gospel Artist with eight top 10 entries on Hot Gospel Songs (including three # 1s),¬†# 1¬†Gospel Artist, the top¬†Hot Gospel Songs Artist, # 1¬†Gospel Albums Artist, # 1¬†Gospel Digital Songs Artist, and¬†leads the¬†Gospel Albums¬†list for 2014, overshadowing the rest of the Top 5:¬†Hezekiah Walker, [Tamala] Mann, [Jamie] Grace and [Tasha] Cobbs [¬†Billboard Year in Music¬†]. Did I mention he topped the Billboard 200? [ Lecrae #1 on Billboard 200 ]¬†Billboard’s final statement on charting was this: “2014 is the final year that most Christian rap/hip-hop songs and albums, like Lecrae‚Äôs releases, will be broadly eligible for Billboard‚Äôs Gospel charts.” [ Billboard Year in Music ]


In an interview with The Christian Post, Bishop T D Jakes states that ‚ÄúGospel Hip Hop has made significant contributions to the next generation,‚ÄĚ and referred to a time when Mahalia Jackson, known as ‚ÄúThe Queen of Gospel,‚ÄĚ was viewed as controversial for rocking the boat in her day. Why the disconnect all of the sudden? Why does Gospel music want to draw a line between the old and the new? Is there jealousy in the camp? Are they losing THAT much money? Is separation the solution?

Comments welcomed.